Imagine what could happen, if:

  • Master-Keys
  • Access to Databases
  • Tools for wiretapping technically everyone
  • Tools for locating targeted people
  • Private Data
  • … etc….

would be in the hands of an enemy force? Well…  read the news, it actually happened:

As of recent, the americans (and with them all involved parties in the allied forces in afghanistan) have had their second Viet-Nam.

As it turns out, the retreat was so abrupt that the american forces have left behind a complete arsenal of gadgets for the taliban to play with.

And with the current behaviour of the chinese government regarding the taliban I am almost 100% convinced at least one of each tool used will be in the hands of yet another government “for research purposes”.

The story repeats itself in a way – and those who did not understand it are condemned to repeat it.

The American armed forces have a long history of shooting themselfs in the foot on second thought.

One widely ignored fact for the iraqui invasion: Among the first thing they established was the mobile phone network – to be prompltly (ab)used by enemy forces to trigger off IEDs. ( The technology was there, it was cheap, it was efficient – for both sides.

The american forces always have “lost” stuff while being somewhere. Every armed force will. But not having an exit plan the 100th time is stupid, sorry.

Even more stupid: The (european) politicians still chew on the idea of breaking strong cryptography using a back-door.

Maybe we should send them a fax.

<RANT> Honestly: Many young people know more than the government
(each and every of those know more than the goverment in its entity).

Many of us know how to curcumvent broken security. And we will cirumvent it.
Many of us won't give a damn whether it's considered legal or not.
The only thing many of us will do is cover our traces.
We are completely fed-up with the constant incompetence,
technology ignorance and plain stupidity being bubbled and gargled
from official government sources.

Dear goverment: Do not expect our help if you find out you f'ed up.
We won't help. You are on your own now.

Good Luck!

For Sure: It will be an interesting sight - we will need Popcorn</RANT>