Marc Müller – CEO, CFO, OwnerMarcMueller

  • Almost 33 Years of experience in various environments
  • More than 27 Years Partner of Apple Service Provider
  • Almost 22 Years heterogenous Infrastructure Architecture
  • More than 17 Years experience with various Virtualization Products
  • 17 Years with various Storage Products
  • … many more things …
  • Idea-Generator and Coordinator

Consulting and Services

Tobias Göller – CTO, TechnicalTobiasGoeller

  • 22 Years in Information Technology
  • Long-Time Experience at Network- and Service Providers (in CH and DE)
  • Co-Founder of Linux User Group CH (1994)
  • More than 22 Years Network Technology Experience
  • More than 22 Years of Sun (now Oracle) Solaris Experience (System Engineering)
  • More than 22 Years experience with various virtualization products
  • Almost 22 Years of Information Security
  • Almost 22 Years Experience with Network Management and Educational Services
  • More than 17 Years of Experience with NetApp and other Storage Products
  • (Long-Term) International Experience
  • CTO at previous Companies
  • Technical Direction, Partner Manager, Head of Consultancy and Development

Development, Services and Consulting

Khim Rojas – Technical Support and Engineering

  • More than 32 Years in Information Technology
  • (Long Term) International Experience
  • System and Infrastructure Management
  • Consulting and Services
  • Technical Support and Education
  • Web Design

Technical Support, Network, Education

Michael Ecker – Technical Support and Engineering

  • More than 22 Years in Information Technology
  • International Experience (worked at one of the Big-Shots Storage Manufacturers)
  • System and Infrastructure Management
  • Engineering
  • Consulting Services
  • Technical Support

Technical Support, Network, Engineering