Proxmox released Version 6.2 of their virtualization environment today.

Features to look out for are:

  • Debian Buster (10.4) and a Linux Kernel 5.4
  • QEMU 5.0, LXC 4.0, and ZFS 0.8.3
  • Ceph Nautilus (14.2.9)
  • Create templates for containers on directory-based storage
  • Zstandard for Backup/Restore [NOTE: we most of the time use NFS storage]
  • New LDAP sync enables synchronization of LDAP users and groups
  • API tokens: Full support and integration
  • and a lot more…

Especially nice is QEMU 5.0. This is a long awaited version since it cleans up a lot of code (as you know: obsolete code is the stuff that makes things slow).

  • The bluetooth code has been removed without replacement. It was quite neglected over the years and likely not usable anymore. You can passthrough a dedicated USB bluetooth dongle to guests on most machines instead if you still need bluetooth in your guest.
  • The pc-0.12, pc-0.13, pc-0.14, pc-0.15 machines have been removed. Newer versions of the machine type should be used instead.
  • The "prep" ppc machine has been removed. The "40p" machine should be used now instead.
  • The "-virtfs_synth" option has been removed. You can use "-fsdev synth" together with "-device virtio-9p-..." instead.
  • The "-accel" and "-machine accel=" options are now incompatible with each other.
  • The deprecated "[hub_id name]" parameter tuple of 'hostfwd_add' / 'hostfwd_remove' has been removed. Use a "netdev_id" instead.

As far as we see it for now, the performance increase is quite nice!

As always… we’re already running the latest stack and will continue upgrading our customer base within the next couple of weeks.