Proxmox has released Proxmox VE V4.2

New features are:

  • New GUI: Sencha Ext JS 6 framework with enhanced interactive features
  • New LVM-thin and ZFS improvements help increase storage utilization
  • ZFS-Plugin automatically configured out-of-the-box
  • LXC containers with additional mount points
  • Finally: Rate limit for network (containers)
  • Improvements at Ceph GUI
  • SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt

The new Kernel shipped with Proxmox VE is 4.4.6 – and as we did the upgrade on our test environment just after the announcement has been sent out, our impressions are very positive.

The production environment has been upgraded just now – without any issues at all.

The overall performance of the systems seems to have improved quite a bit (again).

All our customers running Proxmox VE will be upgraded during the next few weeks (depending on maintenance-windows planned).

Although V4.2 is considred a minor release, the improvements in the gui and performance signify a huge benefit for all of the Users of Proxmox VE.