Proxmox has just announced Version 4.1 of it’s Virtualization Suite.

  • Based on latest Debian Jessie and a 4.2.6 kernel with LXC and QEMU 2.4.1.
  • Countless small improvements and bugfixes, including better ZFS integration for the ISO installer
  • Better startup and shutdown behavior
  • rootfs (disk) resizing for LXC containers
  • Several LXC technology previews like for example support for unprivileged container or LVM thin support.


  • All TurnKey GNU/Linux V14 Appliances are now available as LXC templates.


  • Please note, before upgrading to 4.1 you need to shutdown your LXC containers.

For all of you waiting for the LXC-Live-Migration-Feature… unfortunately it is not yet available:


criu (needed for lxc live migration) is not stable enough, therefore we did not enable it.
LXC containers have a lot of additional features compared to OpenVZ, also migrations works fast.
Only live migration is not yet there.
If you need stable live migration, go for qemu or run LXC inside qemu.