We have been writing about Scareware (especially: MacKeeper) in the past. And no, it’s not really news that MacKeeper has been forced to refund customers in the US because the software simply is not holding what it is promising.

Worse: We have seen several security leaks (or even entry doors) into MacKeeper in the past.

Every time this happened, Kromtech (the owner / developer of MacKeeper) has promised action. Did it help? not really.

Today’s news brought to us, that someone was able to download the data from probably most (if not all) of the registered users once falling for MacKeeper.

It’s kind of the “Blacklist of Stupidity” assembled in one big database.

To be brutally honest: It is one thing to sell a software that does nothing.

But it’s an absolute no-go not to secure your customers data.

At the current time, the data seems to be still accessible.

Every user of MacKeeper should think about two things:

  1. Get rid of MacKeeper (ASAP!)
  2. Change ALL of your passwords

MacKeeper has been prone to hijack discussion-forums on “how all the other people are bad” and “we are the good guys”. We have proof that MacKeeper actively employs authors to write in their favor.

This behavior is simply not acceptable. I wish the signatures of MacKeeper would be added to any (real) Antivirus Database. MacKeeper has as much to do with security as most other backdoors: They hijack a system and abuse it for their matters.