There have often been problems with “freemailers” in a way that many users actually only used those accounts as “SPAM-Accounts”.

Security often was neglected by the owners (simple passwords) and the providers didn’t care too much, too.

That seems to backfire now.

Looking through our spam-trap today, I discovered multiple mails like this one:

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 23.39.48

While the prices for the proposed “service” vary as well as the currency asked for, the way they advertise for their services is kinda bold.

There we have a spammer, actually giving away a jabber address contact in millions of mails.

Those guys must be very sure they won’t get caught. On the other hand, is hosted at an Ukrainian hoster. They may have other problems right now.

In recent announcements, some providers like T-Online or GMX have already warned that there may be coming a Spam-Wave towards us (Deutsche Telekom warnt vor Spam-Welle, August 2015).

And yes, we actually experience a higher-than-normal SPAM-to-HAM ratio than it used to be some time back.

Seeing the SPAM-to-HAM Ration rise is nothing very new. It’s been a fact over the last few years. On the other hand: Most of those accounts are actually valid accounts.

The problem will be: Whilst before this, the SPAMmers used their own servers and could be kept out of a mailsystem pretty successful. Later, they switched to trojans sending out SPAM directly. Not a big deal, too.

But this could be unfunny. Given the fact that many users already complain that their addressbooks obviously have been nicked it may be that the SPAM will be put together in a way that the senders address and the recipients address actually do share a relation with each other.

As a mail provider we face two solutions, both troubled…

  1. Blacklist the senders / sender servers for the time the Spam-Wave is rolling in.
  2. Don’t do anything.

The latter is not really an option whilst the first method will bring up countless complaints.

And the worst thing actually is: We know there’s something coming. We know it’ll be nasty. But we have no real measures against it.

Taking out those guys is a nice but currently pathetic thought.

It might become a funny christmas this year…

At least we have a matching video this time:

And yes, we don’t like SPAM, too.