Problem: As of today, 00:00hrs, Firefox plugins are no longer working.

Proof: Start Firefox, surf to a News Advertising Website and – oups? What the….?!

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Honestly… I do like the fact that firefox checks for its certificates and has signed add-ons.

What I absolutely hate is the fact that:

  • Nobody at firefox cared about the validity period of the cert
  • Nobody seems to track the certificate

That way, security is pretty fast rendered obsolete. Especially Firefox who, just recently, (kind of) warned in various newspapers because of the huge influence that Google does have (which, in fact, really is a problem) should must do better. Much better. And… much faster.

The bad thing is that this is not really a “first”. In the past, firefox crippled various very useful add-ons like SSL-Checkers that added to the security awareness a lot.

With recent updates, those plugins all went down the drain.